The Menu to Success

Eating out is something that most of us love doing, and well you have to admit that it’s always about good food and only good food, or is it? About 10 years ago when I was still a kid and lived in Kolkata my parents took me to a north Indian cuisine restaurant called Mirch Masala. At the time I had no interest in eating Indian food at a restaurant and was craving good Chinese food, but as we reached there and gazed upon the décor of the restaurant I felt a little better, and as soon as I was handed the menu, I was sold.

Though, it was a simple north Indian cuisine menu it was star studded with pictures of my favourite stars, as a 12 year old I found it rather intriguing. What I didn’t understand then but I do today is how a menu works as a bait that lowers in consumers.


Good food is no longer a rare offering, with most restaurants serving food good enough to attain a michelin star the catch is though how attractive they seem to people and what sets them apart. Menus are being used to do so these days.

Recently I went to a café called Mocha, with its menu designed in the form of a hard bound book. It looked like a sweet little children’s book, making me fall in love with the café. A few days after that I went to a Chinese restaurant which had a menu telling us which animal we are on the bases of our birth date. It may sound a little cheesy but to many people like me it was an interesting details and so were the fortune cookies that they provide at the end of every meal.


Since it is a little difficult for me to eat out every day and discover more menus, I did a little online search and these appeared to be the 2 I liked the most –


So next time you’re at a restaurant don’t forget to see how interestingly the menu has been designed and presented.


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