A Food Blogger’s View

Aishwarya Lahiri, is a media buyer, planner and strategist by profession, a food blogger, hobby baker and cook by choice. She has a Bachelors in Journalism from DU and an MBA in Advertising and Media from Symbiosis.
Being a Bengali, she has always been interested in food, tastes and culinary experiences. She is now realizing her dream for food writing. She likes to try as many cuisines as she can, as she believes there’s too little time to sample all that the world, or even our country, has to offer!She conducts many restaurant and product reviews. She is a firm believer in the power of social media in bringing about any change, one of the prime examples being the exposure food, food safety, quality control, world cuisine, food photography, recipe sharing and content aggregation has received.

Famous chef Ritu Dalmia (left) with Aishwarya (right)


This is what she has to say – 

Blogging came into my life, as a part of a second semester class in my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, in Kamala Nehru College. A little before that actually. I had a blog, full of colours and SMS lingo, as an 18 year old back in 2006 in bound to have. I wrote about everything. How McDonald’s is “pretty cool”, on one hand and how the city’s poor will have a terrible winter, on the other. An assignment in History of Journalism on one hand and vote bank politics on the other. Back then, my belief was that the pen is mightier than the sword, that my journalistic writings shall bring an end to wrongdoing, that my reportage will make me a journalist of recall. This is a thought which I have almost dismissed as an ancient virtue. Almost.

Food, however, came to me in a time when everything had almost ended. As a hosteller living on increasingly inedible Mess food, I was addicted to a content aggregator site that got together thousands of food blogs, and their delicious pictures. What’s different you ask? Well, I was in a pit of severe depression at that time. Life was about to end any day. Here came love and food. My partner tirelessly fed me healthy food. My mother fed me healthy homemade food. With love.

Around the same time, I started foraying into cooking, and started my food blog Aishwarya Eats, and started putting down my experiments in the kitchen. That literally made a new, stronger and definitely healthier me. And thus, I owe food and food blogging my life.

Website Link – Aishwarya Eats (www.aishwaryaeats.com)

My aim for my blog is simple. Create more, experiment more, eat more. And write more. I love the feel of writing out my own version of a classic. I love writing. My blog is today my identity, and I intend to make it bigger, better and more famous. Many know me as Aishwarya Eats now, people whom I don’t know. And that makes me immensely proud, that the pen really did become mightier than the sword. I now bake for fun, cook for joy and eat for the sheer joy of living. And I write for the high it gives to see a beautiful picture of a glossy butter frosting swirled on a rich and soft strawberry cake that I made, written with instructions that people read and recreate for themselves. And if they come and tell me how awesome it was, my life is complete!

My way ahead is just with one aim: pure FUN and some amazing experiences. It’s not every day that we get to eat a 5 course French meal. The experience of knowing some of the most prominent chefs and writers is unparalleled. The joy of biting into a brownie and telling the world how they feel it too, is what gets me here, and what keeps me here. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Aishwarya’s favourite page from her blog –


Aishwarya is also a part of the New Delhi Blogger’s Table, a forum where well known food bloggers of the city come together.


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