My Food Story

In the course of this research I talked to a lot of people all for whom food holds a very important place in their lives. Some as writers others as chefs and some simply as food lovers or foodies. In every story I found a slight reflection of my own, so here is a glimpse of my own food story –

My name is Kanika Nevatia, I am a student of Mass Communication and Journalism. I did my graduation in Journalism from Delhi University and am continuing the same in Amity University for post graduation. And well, I think I am pretty good at what I do as I am doing so while maintaining a 9+ GPA and topping my batch. This may make you wonder where food comes into this picture?

From a very early age I have always loved good food and have adapted to the cuisines of all the places that I have lived in. I started taking interest in cooking when I was in school and started off with making things that I like such as chowmine and pasta. Slowly I moved on to cakes and other baked treats. People often told me that my cakes were amazing and that I should take it up as a career. This was around 2006, back then culinary education meant a hospitality course and that wasn’t something me or my family was keen on, besides my heart was set on mass communication.

I was very content during the course of my education in Delhi University and always took cooking as a hobby and grew fonder of it. It was in the third year of college that something changed. I have always been a chubby girl but in college my size kind of crossed a line. I decided to go on a diet. The diet lasted about 8 months and I lost over 20kgs but in this duration when I couldn’t eat the stuff I liked I felt the need to have to be connected to food in some way or the other. So I started cooking on a regular basis. By the time my graduation was over I knew I had to take up a professional culinary course.

Me the chef —


And so I did exactly that. I pursued a 1 year long international diploma in patisserie. It was the best time ever I really enjoyed it and my skills increased by many folds. Once the course ended I clearly knew my food dream. I would complete my masters in mass communication, earn for a few years and save enough to open a small bakery or patisserie institute. In the process I would create a strong food writing portfolio and become a freelance food writer as well. This website too is a part of that initiative.

Food is my life. I often have to give up on eating because of the metabolism god gave me, but never can I give up cooking or writing. The smile you can bring on someone’s face by serving them a good dish is absolutely priceless and I intend on spreading those smiles for life.

Some of my creations — 


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